Thursday, December 14, 2006

City Of The Future - Or City Of The Trendy Present

The History Channel is sponsoring a competition among teams in three cities "to produce a vision of their city 100 years from now that, like the engineering and architectural marvels of past civilizations, has the staying power to endure for centuries to come."

But as judge of the competition, they choose Daniel Libeskind, the ultimate trendy architect, whose designs will look as outdated in fifty years as Le Corbusier's visions of the city of the future look today. In fact, they will look more outdated, since Libeskind is more mannered than Le Corbusier.

If you want a design that endures, then design a city that is a good place to live today. No one has ever created a livable city or an enduring design by trying to design a city of the future.


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