Monday, May 28, 2007

England Moves Toward Toll-Everywhere Congestion Pricing

Pay-as-you-drive trial rules laid down
May 22, 2007 Guardian

The government is pushing ahead with its controversial road pricing plans with the publication today of proposals to introduce pay-as-you-drive trials. A draft bill lays down the ground rules for local authorities wishing to introduce pilot schemes.

The Tories today branded the bill a "Trojan horse" for a national scheme, in which the movement of cars would be tracked by satellite or roadside gantries and motorists would be charged about £1.30 a mile on the busiest roads.

"It's now clear that Gordon Brown is as committed to the government's road pricing plans as Tony Blair has been, despite the petition signed by 1.8 million people and official forecasts that such as scheme could cost up to £60b," said the shadow transport secretary, Chris Grayling. "Local road pricing schemes are fine but only if they are originated locally and agreed locally. It is just plain wrong for ministers to interfere in the way that they are.",,2085559,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront


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